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Parrot fish

Hi all I currently have 2 parrot fish ( 2 inches each approximately) in a approximately 9 gallon tank. According to me I think they need a bigger tank and plus I have checked on the net which said that they do need a larger tank. But when I bought them from the shop the shop keeper told that 3 pairs can fit in that 9 gallon tank. Till now my parrots are still scared , shy etc. What do u think about it.


First-off: Any LFS keeper that tells you 1-gal/1-in. of fish shouldn't be keeping fish, even if they do do have a ton of filtration! 9-gal. isn't enough for even one BP when they're smaller, let-alone two!! Even 20-gal. isn't enough them to comfortably grow to their full-adult size, which is up to NINE INCHES!!! A 9-gal. tank for the two--even without decor--would be like treating them the same way calves are raised to make veal!

(Calming-down now...) Okay... here's the PROPER rules to tank-size & filtration capacity for fish-keeping:

10-gal/1-in of stock, with twice as much filtration needed for the tanks capacity. This is especially true for the more messy/filthy species of fish, such as Blood-Parrots & Catfish. Due weekly water changes of no greater than 50% of the tanks capacity, refreshing whatever chemicals that need to be added--in measure of what's needed to treat for the tank's full capacity--and clean at least half of whatever substrate is used (What's decorating the bottom) each week, alternating which half gets done bi-weekly.

As for their shyness, don't worry... They will be like this for awhile--at first--until they become comfortable in their new home. It's recommended that spend some time by the the tank--say, about an hour daily... doing something like reading a book--so they become accustomed to you presence, and will feel more comfortable when you come into view. This species is actually quite intelligent, and will watch you as you partake of leisurely activities... and even come to greet you when you appear, even if it's not feed them!

A great THANK YOU for your reply Mike.Will do the required. The time since when i brought the tank(complete set-up) they gave about 3 or 4 pairs of fish including a parrot fish. Later all of them died and went to my local fish store get some more ,the same reply always. Like that most of my fishes have died. THANK U SOO MUCH !!!

Well, again, proper tank size for the size of stock is critical... but I think you may have deeper issues than that. Namely, whatevere your water supply is like or how healthy of cut the stock you're being sold is. Let's start with the latter:

You say you've gotten all these fish from the same store? time to find another store, because whomever is running it don't seem to know what they're doing. They probably pick the cheapest stock available from their suppliers, which typically have health issues that'll practically guaratee a short life-span... especially when kept in "less-than-optimum" conditions.

As for the water, all I can tell you is this: Last-year, several angelfish I was keeping inexplicably died-off. I put this past a reputable local ILFR (independent live fish retailer) and he said "We--along with others in the area--are having the same issue. Best we can figure is it's something in the local supply water as of late.". Well thankfully, this issue passed... but I wouldn't rule it out in your case. Pretreating the water used might be necessary, by means of as little as allowing a measured amount for a change to sit in an open container for 24-hrs. before use, to having it go through a reverse-osmosis treatment before introducing it to the tank. 

But, before you get into that... tell me this: Have you already performed a proper establishment of the tank's bio-cycle? Many first-time fish keepers overlook this, or just-plain fail in trying to do so. And without it, the tank is no-more ready to be habitated by fish than a toilet in a sleazy motel. If you haven't, there's an article on this site--authored by me--on how to perform a "crash-start" establishment of a new tank. And if you need a used sponge or water to perform the proceedure, a reputable LFS should be able/willing to sell you what you need along with any other items... such as a good, healty cut of fish to add once you tank's established properly. Bring them a sample of water once you've completed my instructions, and they'll be able to tell you if it's ready or what more it might need.