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Is my Parrott male or female?

This one is very aggressive it make the other one stay on one side but why? Could this be the male?


Outside of when breeding occurs--when their phallic-tube extends from beneath their body--the best way to tell gender on this species is by the shape of the trailing part of their dorsal (top) fin:

Males: A more "rounded" shape.

Females: More sharply pointed.

Judging by what can be seen in the picture here, this example is male. As for why the two(?) you mention keeping apart from each-other, it's just a territorial thing that all species do: If one being--an "Alpha"--is more aggressive than the others in it's group or surroundings, it may "bully" the others into feel intimidated and/or unwelcome, and causing any "victims" to seek shelter from the Alpha. This is quite common with groups of small numbers... especially with "newcomers" to the situation.

Do not worry... In time, the two will become accustomed to each-other and the worst of it will be the occasional, impromptu face-off with each-other where each takes turns repeated charging silghtly towards the other, then retreats. These assertion challenges are only brief, and them each returns to going about their business. You won't end up with dead fish, unless the alpha is so much larger & aggressive than the other that it may kill the second... or the other is female, and whereas the face-off instead is a mating-dance. This is indicated by the two first circling each-other, then one attempting to lock-down on the other's lip, forcing the second to attempt breaking-away. They will repeat this sequence several times before discontinuing, and then begin preparation of a suitable spot or surface for the femal to lay her eggs, followed immediately by the male's fertlization of them. 

Sadly, most BP males are sterile, so the odds of one seeing a random pair produce a fry is quite slim. But if one does see it occur with a pair kept in hobby, they should go & buy a lottery ticket... as they just got very lucky, and now have a way to make a somewhat substantial amount of extra income regularly!