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Any suggestions for bloat/swim bladder disorders?

My 15 year old blood parrot, Mrs. Fish, seems to have developed swim bladder problems. I can't tell if she's constipated (she will NOT entertain the idea of peas-I'm pretty sure she flipped me the bird when I put them in there!) or has a tumor or has a blocked ovaduct. She was laying eggs very regularly until the last six months. She spent the last week and a half face down in a plant, then seemed to develop some form of head rot. I have treated her with a broad range product, then after some partial water changes I added some aquarium salt and some antibiotics because I'm suspicious of coulmnaria bacteria. She is alone in a 38 gallon tank (except for the one black neon tetra that she didn't eat), so she is not stressed from other fish. She still interacts with us, but now never comes off the bottom. I know she's at the outside edge of her life range, but I hate to see her looking so sick and miserable. Any suggestions would be appreciated.





She may be succumbing to opportunistic infections because of her age. The peas never worked for me - but my only swimbladder-challenged fish was an overly mutated goldfish who wasn't going to respond to anything, and didn't really seem to mind swimming upside down. 

I think when cichlids get weak for whatever reason they lose the ability to maintain a stable position. The head rot is probably just because of the contact with whatever surface she was touching for so long - it probably disturbed the slime coat. 

Just do what you've been doing all these years - keep her water clean and well oxygenated, and possibly raise the temperature to kill bacteria. The usual ideas on the subject are all represented in this post:



Thanks for your input. That's pretty much the conclusion I've come to as well. She stopped eating a couple of days ago. I'm going to thoroughly disinfect the tank after she passes, just in case and then re-establish a community tank.