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Help needed for 2x Young parrots

Hi I just got 2 young parrots & after 2 days have noticed marks on them which is possible illness or disease , really want to treat these guys but don't know what I'm treating them for , had a spike in ammonia & nitrate after adding them to the tank of 0.25 , done a small water change of 20% all other fish in the tank seem fine no sign of stress , the orange parrot has red & black in front of the gills , the black has a white patch in the same place , iv been told it's ammonia burns off one person then told its disease off another !! HELPPPPP PLEASE !!!

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Since you have a very young one, you can see that they change color from gray to orange as they mature. From my experience, bits of black coloring come back periodically - and it looks to me like it might have something to do with hormone changes, but I am not sure. I do not believe anythig you have shown in your pictures is ammonia burns. The white dots on the gray one are too naturally arranged on body and fins to be anything but part of its natural patterning, which will change over time. They are not raised, as far as I can see, which is good. Raised white spots start making you think of "Ich" - a disease that is pretty easily treated. 

I did have 2 BPs which never fully changed color from mottled gray stripes, not sure why. But one of them eventually mostly changed to orange.

My two biggest BPs got black spots off and on for about 2 years, then stopped getting them at all. They were not sick.

Black-spots on this species usually indicates stress, due to discomfort brought on by things like new situations, lackluster living conditions & victimization of aggression from others, usually. In your case, I'd say it's just what I first mentioned, seeing how you've had them for some time & they're fully rid of said spots.