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Please HELP! Our red parrot fish got white stuff.


Can you please identify the white bit on our parrot fish body (pictured) and advise me of how to cure her?

She has been with this for weeks, and it seems growing.

We change her water in two weeks usually (a half amount, 10 litters). The water parameters are normal.





It's a little hard to see the texture, but it appears white and "cotton-like", so:

According to

This is probably a fungus:

Symptom: White or gray patches resembling cotton, excess mucus.
Disase: Mouth or Body Fungus
Treatment: OTC medication for fungus. Usually added to water, but may need direct application.


According to wikipedia:

Symptom: Whitish, furlike growths
Vitamin C enriched food, or a commercial remedy in a medical bath. Check to make sure that your fish doesn't prefer 
Brackish water



Hello  ParrotCichlidGirl

We will try the readings.


Many Thanks,

Tea Pot



We started to use salt, a natural ingredient for her. :o)

Adding an appropriate measure of aquarium salt with each water change is a good idea, as it helps reduce stress upon the fish & promotes good health within in via comfort... but 50% water changes every two-weeks seems like too-liitle being done, too-infrequently. A change of 50% weekly--or 30% every 2-3 days--would be far more appropriate... And refresh the salt & chemicals added accordingly!