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Best Diet for BPs?

I have had him for over 6 years. Also, how does one evaluate fish diets? I am well-versed in the nutrition of other species, like dogs, cats, rodents, etc., but don't really know what the nutritional needs are of BPs or fish in general, and don't know how to tell a good food from a bad one. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!



With the four mature BPs I've kept, I've found that a regular feeding of a pinch of Hikari Gold Cichlid Excel (the littlest green balls) twice daily, along with weekly treats of a pinch of Hikari Sinking [small] Carnivore Wafers, has good results. Just make sure you don't put any more food in than they can or will each withing 30-sec.

P.S.: Read my article on this site about presenting live Neon Tetras as an occausional treat!