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Potential Fin Rot?

He lives in a 20 gallon tank with a Fluval C4 filter, and I change about 5 gallons out every week. During the change, I add freshwater aquarium salt, Prime, API Stress Coat, API Stress Zyme, and SeaChem Neutral Regulator. I keep his tank around 75 degrees F, but it raises between 77-78 when I do water changes until the water cools down. His parameters are all fine. I also am on top of changing out all of his filter inserts as recommended by the instructions (Carbon changed monthly, "Foam" changed bi-monthly, rinsed on a "non-change" month, and I rotate about 75% of the biological media every 3 months) I can't imagine the root cause of this would be poor water quality.

I read that another cause could be feeding outdated food. I currently feed Spectrum Community Fish pellets, which I've had for about 7 years (bought with my first cichlid). I'm curious if that could be affecting him?

Thank you guys in advance for your help!! I greatly appreciate it!



The main issue to me is that your tank is too small. You should get a bigger tank as soon as you can since the fish is an adult. I used to have a 29 gallon for my 2 fish and that was considered on the small side. Now i have a 50 gallon. You are putting too much stuff in the water. During water changes you just need prime. Adding salt and other stuff can really change the water perimeters such as ph levels. You dont need the carbon filter unless you are using it to get of smells and colors from drift woods. You should not get rid of the sponge or biological media as most of the healthy beneficial bacteria is held there. You can use the tank water to rinse them when needed. By removing these 2 you are setting up the tank to cycle again. Also your temperature is too low. These fish like it in the 80-84 degrees. And yes feeding a premium fish food can help. I used to feed Hikari and still have some New Life Spectrum. My main food is Northfin where you can buy from Amazon online. There are a lot of good reviews on Northfin where some say its better than these 2 leading Hikari and NLS. The first thing to do is to get a bigger tank right away. The bigger the better.

I plan to eventually move him to a larger tank, but at the moment cannot upgrade him. In any case, if the tank was the issue,  he has lived in this tank for about 5 years, why would he be having this issue now?

Thank you for the advice about his diet! When you change the diet, should you do it gradually, or how do you do it? Also, I have the community formula for him...should I get the Cichlid formula? Finally, what makes the Northfin a better food? I don't know anything about evaluating fish diets. Sorry for all of the questions! Thank you in advance for your help!!


If your on face book reach out ask who's getting rid of a tank., I got a 75 gallon free from one of my sons friends. I have to parrots 4 years old about 6" diameter, have 5 angels, 5 catfish, 3 simesese algae eaters and one Pictus, just got another parrot today., get a bigger tank use stuff from tank you have., get rocks for hiding and lots of plants, get a wave maker, amazon $8-20 search you will find that and heaters and more. I got a canister filter for $59.00 heaters for 6.00 wave makers., all the fish love the wave makers ., I sit bye the tank ALL of them come outer in a school and ride the waves, and helps keep tank cleaner.,everyone gets along great... with  I keep my tank year round 82-84., they love it......good luck