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my fish

Is anyone know why my red parrot fish ( i put 6 of them in 60 gals tank) they always stay inside the stonehouse don't want coming out.come out when I feel they and back to stonehouse again. in happenning the week last week. stay until now.

if some one meet this before or how to solve this problem? let me know. ( other thing : water PH 7.6  temperature 78F intank)

and thank you.


They will come out as soon as they feel more comfortable and are familiar with their new home.  Mine did that at first.  Possibly putting more decor will help them come out more.  It will just take time...they will be brave and not hide so much.

Cichlids in general go through periods where they are more or less scared, and will hide more or less. Also if they are laying eggs, they will stay inside their cave or house for quite a few days.

thank you so much for help. bella & parrotcichlidgirl.

they coming out now. other thing they alway hide when they see the people ware dark color shirt closed by. surprice,

Mine would do the same for awhile, too... They'd just see me walk into view and BOO!, they'd bolt for the corner & duck themselves as tightly into it as they could, whether there was decor to hide behind or not! Eventually, I moved then to a larger tank that was placed lower to the floor, and they grew accustomed to my appearnces.