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Red cherry strings hanging out of gills! Help!


I have a 5 year old blood parrot and two blood parrots that are approximately 7 months old.  My younger ones have bright red fluff, strings hanging from behind gills.  I have treated with antibiotics twice with no change.  My five year old fish is fine so I feel it may not be gill flukes. Please help if you have any suggestions.

Thank you!

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My fish are all eating well... So not sure what is causing this.  It has been almost a month now.  Thank you for any suggestions or advice!

One of mine had that for quite a while - I think it is their gills just hanging out. I made sure there was enough bubblers in the tank so there was enough oxygen but it really wasn't that. The fish was fine for years afterward. I finally concluded that it was a sort of deformity - like poor fit and finish on a car.

Thanks for the information.  It just doesn't look good.  I have never had this happen to my blood parrots before and I have had them for years.  I was going to treat for gill flukes but won't now.

Did your fishes gills look the same or improve at all?

The fish that had this issue seemed to change a bit so they wouldn't hang out as much but never really lost it. I used to say he just wasn't built as well as the others. He was very healthy otherwise and full of beans.

Hi Bella

I just buy one like this the gill red out. but is ok.