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Fat tummy on parrot.

Hi all....I am new to this forum... Great place.. Anyway my parrot has fat tummy.. Gave him a pea but spat it out.. Now what? I will upload a photo. He seems happy but now I am worried. 

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It would be easier to tell if we had a head-on picture, but from this one, I would say he is OK.


Looks fine to me. How old is he?  Do you over feed?  I feed mine once a day.

Has a white, slimly string feces hanging from it's anus appeared just before now? has it been listless? Inactive? Has it been spending time hiding it some corner of the tank, near the bottom? If so, it's got Hexamita: A parasite that causes bloating & loss of appetite. If it hasn't started being listless, there may be a chance it can still be rescued.

The only cure is to quarrantine it, while giving daily doses of special medicine measured as instructed on the bottle, mixed properly with tank-water & epsom salt. How to give it the medicine is explained in a video on doing the same with Flowerhorns for a different illness... Just remember: Make sure the syringe or pipette is devoid of all air, carefully insert it--without going too-deep, be gentle the whole while & don't give it too-much meds at once. Also: Since you must mix each dosage fresh, throw whatever is leftover into the tank to gently treat the rest of any community in there after dosing the patient & returning it to quarrantine.

This should take about a week to clear-up any parasite it might have... Your frist sign of improvement will be less listfulness, appearance of normal feces & a return of appetite.

If there hasn't been any signs of Hexamita before now, it may only be bloated, and a small dose of epsom salt in the water daily--for a few days--will help relax its bowels & pass what's causing it.