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Upside down

My BP seems to like to swim the length of his tank upside down. I have experience with swim bladder and this does not seem to be it. He doesn't have a problem righting himself, nor does he float that way. He just seems to like it, like he's playing. He usually swims tthe lenght of his tank towards the top and when he gets the end hes swims down to the bottom and where he curves downwards and continues swimming the bottom lenght of the tank upside down unitl he gets the the end then curves himself upwards until he's upright at the top or middle (like one big contiuous cirle). Usually it's followed by a little happy dance if I'm near the tank. He will do it randomly. some days several times, some days not at all. Then other days he just makes a little loop followed by his dance, or he'll go upside down to zoom through a crack between rocks, then right himself again. He eats peas on a regular basis and doesn't look bloated. Could he just be playing?


Mine plays like that to! all the time, Its normal!