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Stopped Eating

I moved my BP into a larger tank on Sunday. He hide half the day, but has since been swiming around acting normal (chasing me around the tank, dancing when he seems me etc), but he still will not eat his usual food (today is Tuesday).

I drop them on the surface, but he wont grab them. He'll take a pellet out of my fingers, but usually spits them back out. He will eat peas tho. Could it just be because he is adapting to a new enviroment & water condions, stress from the move etc? Or should I be worried? There are also dither fish in the new tank and this is his first time living with any other fish. He looks great,. Seems healthy and vibrant color. No visible injury or illness. I've had him over 3 years and I'm a bit conerned. Thanks in advance.

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