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Northfin fish food

Hey has anyone tried Northfin before? I heard it's as good or better than New Life Spectrum one of the best premium fish food out there.


I bought some the cichlid version from amazon. And fed to my blood parrots last night for the first time. They were fighting to get to the food. So far so good.

i use gold fish food. it look like they like it.


Hi Richard, 

Goldfish are a little more "vegetarian" oriented, and cichlids need different food. They will eat goldfish food happily, but they may do better in the long run with the right food.

thank you for telling me. i will buy the Northfin cichlid version food for my fish.

That's why I got the Northfin cichlid version. This brand will be my go to food from now on.

they really love those!

Not only do I supplement with dry bloodworms, I also give them dry brine shrimp. Occasionaly I give them peas.

I never seen the colors pop like this on my bps from the Northfin fish food. I fed them Hikari and New Life Spectrum before but their colors never popped like this. The colors are in a deep and rich tone. I definitely will get more Northfin.