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Parrot Cichlids Make the BIG SCREEN!

The other night, I found myself bored... And typically in being so, I fliped-around on cable until I sa a title that caught my interest: "Blackhat" (2015) - A tale of an American prison-released hacker helping to track cyber-criminals in China via a joint effort between the two countries. Anyway... About an hour in, right in the middle of a foot-chase scene, they cut to a close-up shot of a fishtank... And what to my surprise do I spot? A small, mature (female?) Blood-Parrot Cichlid... Placed in with a few fancy Goldfish, gently swimming in the middle-right of the shot towards the bottom-right.

Upon seeing this, I immediately paused & reviewed the scene several times just to be sure of what I saw and see if there were others in the tank. No luck on seeing others... But after several reviews of the shot I could tell there was no mistaking the fixed-open, inverted triagular-shaped mouth of our beloved hybrid species. Part of me, like many of you might have become at the sight, had fits over the placement of a tropical fish in with cold-water spiecies... But they subsided & then the other part of me got fits upon realization over how it got mixed-in with "Fancy" Goldfish, which would lead to further confusion of our favored breed with a "lower", "lesser" common fish of a different spiecies.

But still, our favorite fish did make the big-screen... And if anyone ever says to you "I've never seen a Blood-Parrot Cichlid before...", tell them about the movie. Better-still, show them the scene I spoke of & say: "There! You see it...!? It made the big-screen in an action-film! Only one other species did that!"... And we all know how fake that one looked! (Dunh-DUHN-duhn-DUHN-duhn-DUHN-duhn-duhn....)cheeky