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2 parrot cichlids need help


I recently went to a restaurant where they had two huge parrot cichlids in a 30 gallon tank. This tank seemed way to small for them to begin with but now the restaurant has changed owners and the poor fish only have a little more than half the water left in their tank.  I asked them if they would give up the fish but they said no. Is there anything I can do? Anyone I can call? I feel bad for those fish.  





If they were dogs, I imagine it would be different, but it's quite difficult to do anything about fish, unfortunately. You might try asking them to put more water in the tank but they don't sound lke they want advice.

I hear you! I've got a [12"] Iridescent Shark and I'm having a hard time finding it a new, proper home. (210-300gal-min., little-zero decor). Bought when it was 5" just to save it from it's tiny store-tank, the 20-gal community I had it in quickly got too small, so I rushed & bought a 40-gal breeder-style on-sale. And once it started eating well... Well, it really grew! Now it needs more, and I can't afford it! 

 It's hard enough to find places that will take the more charming & give them care and/or loving homes... But when it's got limted charm that's worn off fairly-quick, and the space it needs to stay healthy & grow to it's natural full-adult size of 3-4' is hard to come by, things suddenly look really sad for that 1-2" cutie you got.