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Neon Tetras: A Live-Feed Alternative for Your Blood-Parrot(?)

Let me begin with the following truth: I keep a community tank, and it's partially made-up of Angelfish. I originally had seven Blood Parrots in it but was forced to remove six--Four relocated to smaller tank, two juvies given-away--for sake of water quality. 

Anyway... After shaking-up the community, I decided to give the Angels a treat: Live food! Having read how they prey on Neon Tetras I gathered some from a local store's supply. And although the Angels mostly ignored them, I was surprised to see the one BP-juvie remaining pursue them. This made me think: If the Blood Parrots show such interest in Neon Tetras, maybe this could be a treat for them too!

Immediately I gathered more from four other stores of the same chain as the first, and placed them in the smaller tank with the mature BP couples... Thirty-seven in total. And after treating both tanks for a Hexamita scare that started in the first tank... believed brought-on by the Neons...over the next month, I saw the count slowly dwindle to about twenty-seven. Then ten... and finally about four, then one. I moved the remaining seven to the smaller tank, bringing the total to eight, and watched those numbers quickly dwindle... Seeing as many as four disappear within twelve hours! 

Again, I was surprised by this... Until I learned that Red Devils, the supposed 1/2 of the genetic makeup of Blood Parrots, preyed on Neons & noted how one of the female adults showed strong Red Devil cues. Plus, I saw one of two remaining in the small tank--two were retuned to the larger after I losing three Angels to Hexamita--charge at the Angel I rescued & placed in the tank for it's own safety, after seeing it bullied by the remaining Angels in the larger tank. I guess the Neons made the Blood Parrots "Hungry like the Wolf (Cichlid)"!

In the end, I guess my point is that Neon Tetras make a affordable, easy to obtain & maintain live-feed alternative to Brine Shrimp... Just so long as they're gotten when on-sale, and quarantined & treated with Melafix for at-least a week, then maybe a Hexamita treatment for another, before introducing them. Just remember to get them in large numbers & treat them first. And don't be afraid of getting "Jumbo" Neon Tetras, as mature Blood Parrots will chase & eat them just the same.



Hi Mike, and welcome to the site! Interesting - I never thought of that, perhaps because my BPs had smaller mouths than most neons, but a more red-devilish Blood Parrot would probably love them.