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Crash-Starting a Tank & Setting-up a Aqua-Clear HOB For Best Results

Recently, I was forced to restart a tank that sat dormant & pretty-much dry for two months. Being short on time, I followed some advice on YouTube & made a few changes of my own to the effort with great success, as within one week I had crystal-clear water... And have ever since! Doing so went as follows:

Filled the tank with the water drained from another "established & active" tank during it's mantenance, and transferred the filtration-system's oversized inlet sponge to the Aqua-Clear's intake with a short piece of 5/8"-I.D. clear-vinyl hose, press-fitting it into the sponge's riser-tube & over the HOB's inlet-elbow. 

The Aqua-Clear in-question had recently seen use on a smaller tank, and was filled as follows:

A used piece of 2-stage floss for a Tetra Whisper filter [trimmed to fit] at the bottom & and three knee-high nylons top it filled accordingly & stacked in top-to-bottom order:

Zeolyte crystals, activated carbon & special bio-media bought here: 

I immediately added the four BPs intended for the tank, and added a whole bottle of Tetra SafeStart--20-gal. tank--the second day. One week after starting, I changed 80-90% of the water & added API's Stress Coat and Stress Zyme accordingly. 

I'm still amazed that even with just regular weekly maintenance of floss & 50% water changes + chemicals, and rinsing the sponge & vacuuming the gravel [opposingly] every-other week, that water has had no clarity or cleanliness issues.