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New Mom!

Hello I am new on Parrot cichlid . Com and a new mom to 2 beautiful funny Blood Parrots, Mr Lipid and Barney. Barney the smallest is in a 55 gal and because of bad behavior Mr Lipid is is 30 he is only about 3-4 in so he seems to be happy. I am having a bit of trouble getting Barney to eat and I have tried all kinds of food pellets,flakes and frozen. He does eat some but not the appetite Mr lipid has. Any help would be greatly welcomed. Thanks Mikekay2


Have you tried treating the food with garlic-prep? It tends to draw even the pickiest eaters to chow-down. The Hakari Micro Wafers & Discus Bio-Gold come that way... and my Iridescent Shark--shares the tank--goes so crazy for them, it twists itself around in the tightest turn I've ever seen it make & gets dead-vertical for them the moment he senses them in the tank--He actually clears the gravel of any that bottomed! He NEVER did that for any of the other foods I gave him... Including Hikari's Carnavore Pellets.