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Why are why Blood Parrots now terrified of me...?

I have two mating young couples in a 20-gal.

I've been caring for three of them for about the past eight months, with the fourth for the past 4-5. They have been together in differing combinations in differing tanks (Three in the 20, two in the 20 with the third in a 5-gal quarrantine w/several juvies (slowly reduced to three juvies)) with several other different fish (Mostly angels & two different IR-sharks... in the 20) until two months ago, when I finally got a 40-gal setup & moved everybody into it. One of the juvies bonded & mated with one of the males shortly afterwards, and I cleaned & maintained the tank properly & fully, and all of the fish--7 angels w/one later added, a Silver Dollar, the second shark, and 7 BPCs--were doing fine, it seemed... Until some water was tested at the LFS, and they said all the wrong stuff was up & the wrong brand of food (high phosphate content) plus overfeeding & overstocking was to blame. 


So... I gave two of juvie angels & two of the juvie BPCs to the shop, got the "right" food, added a second-stage canister & increased the amount of media (Sponge & floss) and chemical (Phosphate controller) filtration, limited the feedings, and finally crash-restarted & added a HOB [setup much like my canister] to the 20 (Thank you, YouTube tips!) to move the two couples into it, just to get the numbers down. 


As the 20 cycled with the fish in it (They survived one before!), I added a moderately-sized school of Neon Tetras (Got them for the Angels to eat (Their natural prey) and saw the last BPC in the 40 chase them...) and a small bottle of tank-start. After a week of cloudiness so thick I could barely see the tank's back-wall, I did a 80-90% water-change & it's been crystal-clar since.

Then the youngest angel in the 40 died, followed by one of my oldest... after not seeing it eat for weeks... with one of the youngest remaining showing signs of internal parasites. (Hexamita?) Acting quickly, I isolated her then treated & fed them all food treated in a epsom salt & tank-water w/Metroplex solution... The 40's community once, and then 20 twice with two differing food after figuring the cause might be the Neons because they quarrantined before adding them. Because the "movement" results of Jude (Miss "Li'l Red Devil) still looked stringy, I removed & dosed her orally just once with a fresh batch solution via a pipette... Just like I did with the angel everyday for a week. (BTW: The angel didn't make it.)


But before I did that, I noticed an odd change in their behavior: They would all panic & dart-away in every direction, crashing into the walls & cover before finally hiding and seemingly cowering in each of their respective "coves" whenever I walked within sight of the tank.. Sometimes huddling two or three in one of those cramped spaces. I removed some of them to try encouraging more social behavior... But it didn't work: They would still do the same, sometimes huddling in one of the back corners or all four packed into the one remaining "hidey-hole". (A turtle-climb designed for the corner, placed center-tank)


No-matter how far I might be from the tank, most of them won't come out unless I'm seated for awhile... Or seated very-still for some time when near the 40-gal., and panic then start for cover if I even lean forward. (The 20 is placed above the 40 in a solid-oak entertainment-center)


What gives? frownEven when I feed them the newest food... which all of fish seem to love (Makes them very active, too!)... they take-shelter like they have severe PTSD! Did I damage them psychologically? sadIs their something I can do so they accept as they did before again? surpriseHelp!crying