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Best Tank Mates

Hi, we recently upgraded own lone BP's tank from a 36 gallon to a 60 gallon. It's cuttently cycling. We would like to get Lilo, who is approx 8-9 inches long, a tank mate or two. I'm not sure how many fish can fit in 60 gallon, or what would be the best choice. I was reading that sometimes BPs will not get along with other BPs. Not sure if there is any truth to this? Also most BP's I've been finding are much smaller than my current. Not sure if they should be closer in size. I'm just looking for best the combination for a peaceful, not too overly-crowed tank. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Piranhas and electric eels make great tank mates. Just kidding. You can search the forum and you will find many choices. I had rainbow cichlids before and currently have 1 tiger barb with 4 bosemani rainbows. I used to have a school of tiger barbs until something mysteriously happened and they died all in 1 day. Having these small tank mates definitely made my bps more active in the tank. Before when my bps were by themselves they would hide a lot.

I stil have not added Lilo to his/her new 60 gallon tank... I've been having issues with it cycling. I just added 4 congo tetras and 1 red tailed shark a week ago, so hopefully they help speed the tank along. Anyhow, my question is about stocking the tank... I'd like to add a few more fish but not sure if I'm close to being overstocked. I'm quiet new to tanks so have no clue. Once I add my BP who is approx 9" long, along with the congo tetras and red tail, i'm not sure if I have room for more? Ideas/opinons? I dont' want to max the tank out, as the new fish have growing to do. Also my BP is much bigger than the new fish, should I be concerned? I realy wanted to get a 2nd BP, but was told he would be aggressive to a new smaller one?


Anyone? I've read dozens of "tank mate" posts, but not everything applies to my particuar set up, or addresses my concerns.


Try: a baby BP, and give him hiding spots until the 2 get used to each other - you can do 2 BPs in there, and they will probably learn to get along. Also, try rainbow cichlids -  they stay pretty small and are OK with BPs. Geophagus also seem to get along well.  We had two tiny "golden" convict cichlids in there but they were very unusual - it would be risky because they can be quite aggressive.

When I had to move my four adults to to 20-gal, the paired-mates got along fine... It was just turf rivalry between the two groups that led to the ocassional challenge, which all end as quickly as they start. After many of my Angels got lost to Hexamita, I found enough room to transfer one of the adult BP's back to the 40-gal. Seeing how I had a stunned juvie male, I figured one of the females would be a good choice & was right... As long as one of them had a hidey-hole to loter in, they got along fine. In-fact, tho she would sometimes bully the little one slightly, it never got too bad & they would sometimes swim together... And bully each-other a li'l-bit during it sometimes. But overall, they got along!