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Swim Bladder / Peas?

Our big BP appears to be swimming oddly & I read something about giving them some kind of a pea. Recommendations & where do I get it (them)? Thanks. 

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You can get frozen uncooked peas at your local supermarket. What i do is staw them 30 min to an hour. Then i use my fingers and press the peas leaving only the meat part and disregarding the skin. And i keep pressing the peas until they are like a dough. And i feed my fish. It can be messy after the feeding. SO I usually do my water change during the days the peas are fed to my fish.

Your post interested me because we do feed our fish frozen peas every few feedings.  I thaw a few (like 5) and pinch the pea out of their skins first.  She's never had swim bladder.

My son's parrot fish has a large growth, which we can only presume at this stage looks like a prolapse....what should I do, any one ever had this before. She is still eating and seems fine?