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Please help

I've had parrot chichlids for 10 years and my last buddy just passed away so I got two new ones. They are fighting like crazy? I even tried to feed them to distract them and they don't care. My tank already has plenty of hiding spaces but it appears that neither will back down. Any suggestions?



When I got my 2 blood parrots about 3 1/2 years ago they fought like crazy too. I believe they were trying to establish territory at that time. They still fight today but not as much.

They are just trying to establish a social order and territorial boundaries, so give them some time.  Because of their deformed mouths they are less likely to really hurt each other.  But, if they do seem to be getting more violent or are doing actual damage to one another, you can always separate them. You can get a clear tank divider and split the tank down the middle with plenty of hiding spots on each side.  This way, the parrots can establish territories without risk of harming each other and eventually you should be able to remove the divider once they are settled.  However if they are determined to just keep fighting, be aware that there is a small chance you might have two fish who are just not compatible.  These are very intelligent fish and sometimes personalities clash.  Good luck! I hope things settle down for you soon!