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i have two blood parrots, they are in a community tank, my water parameters are excellent (i have underground spring water with a ph of 7 - 7.2.  anyway my one blood parrot cannot seem to shake this spot of fungus on his tail fin.  I have done 3 treatments with a product called fungus guard, i can see results of this spot improving and then it comes right back again.  i have a hospital tank but the heater and filter both quit, and i am concerned about treating him again in the community tank.  no other fish in my tank have this not even the other bp. oh, i also run a uv sterilizer. any ideas to get this healed on my fish. i have read a bit about adding aquarium salt - any help would be appreciated - thanks in advance


Perhaps it is not fungus. Can you try to shoot a good, clear picture of the problem area for us?