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Where to Find Colorful Hybrid Cichlids

Saw them on internet. Any Kali's know where to view or appreciate these Colorful Hybrid Cichlids in local fish aquarium shop?


Most of the BPs shown in the photo are dyed. The main colors you will find out there will be Orange, Red-Orange, possibly Yellow Orange and gray/black striped (juvenile before their color change to orange). If you find a blue, green or purple one, it is probably dyed. African Cichlids and Flowerhorns have some of the more exotic colors without being dyed.

I briefly had a young little cherry-tomato of one that was so red, I named it "Enzo". (It was "Ferrari" red)

Sadly, it got bullied by an older one & didn't survive long after... He died during a water change that went roughly. I never got to see if it's color was because of dyes or natural.


I was at one of our local pet stores and seen they had a tankful of rainbow parrotfish...I asked the salesperson if that was their original color and he told me "yes".  Either he didn't know that they were actually dyed or was looking for a quick sale.Actually I didn't know myself at the time but suspected that they may of been artifically colored...