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Hi Everyone

How are you all? It's great to be given the privilidge of joining your group! I'm still trying to figure out if this is the list I joined not long after getting my 2 parrot babies about 10yrs ago! LOL  I remember joining a parrot forum in search of finding a place that I could talk about my little stinkers without the usual, "They are hybrids, kill them!"

Any way, I still have my guys, a male and female and they live in a 75gal mixed cichlid community. And guess who the tank bosses are? Of course you guessed it, my 2 characters the parrots. We've battled ich 3x and nearly lost my boy during hurricaine Ike but thank God they're still with me and they're very strong and healthy. They're across the room staring at me like I'm supposed to be doing something for them. LOL

I look forward to meeting you all. smiley