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Please Help with my Blood Parrot


I have 10 year old Blood Parrot and he has those white things on his face or nose and its getting worst and worst. Other fish is fine, they are not getting sick like him.

He is eating, swimming fine, digging rocks every day like he been doing. But if its important about 3 month ago he got sick really bad, he stopped eating, than he laid on his side behind the rock for 3 or 5 days and I thought he was dying and on 6th or 7th day he came out and started swimming fine and started getting better and better.

I did put UV Ultraviolet Sterilizer and it seems to help my fish feel better and water in tank.

I have 8 Cichlids with him in 72 gallon tank if that means anything.

Question is? can I do anything to help him get rid of these white stuff? and what it is? how bad it is? Or if anybody knows anything about this? I never had this kind of sickness with any of my fish.

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