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Introducing a new blood parrot

I am wanting to get a yellow blood parrot as a companion for my current blood parrot that is mostly orange. I had bought dither fish for her but since she bit my hand and drew blood I don't think I want to put any fish smaller than her in a tank with her. I am going to give them her old tank when I upgrade.  Her jaw works well enough to have taken a small chunk of skin of of me. She was in a tank with other blood parrots when I bought her.  I watched the tank for behaviors before selecting her and could  see she was near the bottom of the totem pole from what I could tell. I would like to note because most of the objections about the ethics of breeding blood parrots seem to stem from severely deformed mouths I purposely made sure Lucinda had a mouth that worked fairly well so she could eat properly (obviously it does) she still does not close it entirely and she has a small hump.   I was hoping that a near the bottom rank selection method would help me get a less agressive fish. If she attacks me and the siphon will she likely make a bad tankmate for another fish? She initially would follow my finger but now acts more timid. She won't follow my finger any more, acts timid she will come out (but only for me) but retreats between a flower pot and a in the tank hanging canister filter if I get too close, However, if I clean her tank she gets really angry. I try to put her stuff back where it was but she gets pretty mad even for awhile after I am done, I've showed a mirror of herself  to gauge her reaction to another fish and she "runs" and hides.

Based on what you know about my blood parrot would you get another one? If I get another BP other than making sure the fish's mouth is not severly deformed (since mine has working jaws)  what characteristics would you select for? How would you introduce them. I expect to end up with a 55 gallon tank. I've been searching for a uses 75 gallon but I am not having any luck. She is 4 inches in 20 long now she grew to that size in just a couple of months.