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Peace of Mind

Hi all,

I got three BP for about 6 weeks now, they are eating and playing well.

However, three days ago, noticed their colors were changing from red to pale and one even had a white spot at the tail end (last attached pictures)

If someone can refer to the pcitures and let me know whether they have "ICK", if yes, please let me know the steps to take.




The paleness is likely something they do go through every now and then. I can't tell from the pictures if it seems fuzzy or not - if it has any texture at all it may be an infection. If it is just a color change it is not so worrisome. I've seen them change color within a few moments - when they get angry or scared!

Thanks again for your respond, please find attached another batch of pictures, hopefully you can see better and let me know whether BP do have "ICK" or not.

If you noticed their body/scale plus their fore head it looks a bit pale? hopefully is their texture.


I would have to say it doesn't look like an infection at this time. 

My fish has color variances. She is orange on most of her body but an orange creamsicle on her sides and belly and she has spots on her tail. I've read but don't know if it's true that if you use darker sand with fish they will color up more. I've bought black sand for my upcoming new tank not only to try out  this theory but also because I am doing planted tank and I think it will be less obvious if she digs around in the dirt.

From what I can tell in the pictures, the parrots have a more normal fish mouth and not the deformed upsidedown triangle that most blood parrot have.  Does that mean that they are still considered "true" blood parrot cichlids?  I have never seen blood parrots with "normal" mouths before. Do you think your fish can eat easier than a fish with the standard deformed mouth?  I wonder if it would make them more likely to be nippy to other fish. Anyways other than that, they look pretty happy and healthy!  I bet with some time to settle, proper food and clean water, their colors will brighten up a bit and even out and if for some reason their color stay that way, you will still have 3 nice looking fish!  laugh

It could be the ancestry of this fish is a little different - leaning a little more on red devil than others.

My 2 bps used to be pale a lot when they were in a 29 galllon tank with a crappy 30 gallon filter, and crappy heater.. At that time I change about 30% water a week, feed them regular pellots. About 2 years later i upgraded to a 50 gallon tank, upgraded to 2 Aquaclear 70 gallon power filters, nice Eheim 65 gallon canister filter, 2 nice Eheim heaters, added 2 clay pots for them to hide. Added sand substrate and they love to dig in it. Now change 50-60% water twice a week. Feed better food new life spectrum cichlid pellets, hikari cichlid pellets, hikari freeze dry brine shrimp, hikari freeze dry blood worms, and peas. Lots of aeration. And i have not seen my bps go that pale after all this even when they are stressed.