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Parrot fish being bullied

i have 2 parrot fish and 2 texas cichlid,..Parrot fish were the one who chases others..Even the texas stayed away from them but from today Onwards one parrot and one texas started fighting and now parrot fish being bullied by the texas..Even he lost his cave to the texas,..Texas were peaceful till yesterday but now they are just after the parrots..What will i do now?


Cichlids are unpredictable, a little like people. Things can be perking along just great, then someone will get a bad idea, and wham - the whole tank is in an uproar! 

Now, from my own experience, I would have to say that beyond a certain age, a parrot cichlid is no match for a Texas. I think you may have to consider separating them. Texas cichlids are more aggressive, usually, and they have a great mouth and know how to use it.