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Skin issues

Looking for some advice. One of my BP's is having some issues on his side just behind his eye. It looks like a piece of meat is missing. He's eating, and acting fine. I noticed it the other day, and today it looks like it may have worsened a little bit. I had my water checked, and the ammonia is high, so I'll be doing some water changes. I moved them to a bigger tank (75 gal), and that's when I noteiced it. I'm not sure how long this has been going on. He's the biggest in the tank, and no one messes with him. Anyone experience this, or have an idea of what could be causing it? I'll try to get a pic...


Cichlids in general often fight, and I've seen even aggressive species end up with pieces missing. What else do you have in the tank? Any catfish or other species?

I haven't seen any fighting. I have a pictus cat and a gourami in there. They have been together for a couple of years. Everyone pretty much stays to themselves. The two bp's hang out together. This one is usually the more aggressive oneat times, so I'm not sure anyone is messing with him. I've attached a couple of pics.

The hole above his eye may have been caused by the high ammonoa. Your ammonia level should be zero ppm. keep doing large frequent water changes and monitor your water parameters.

The fact that there are red streaks like that might indicate an infection, possibly treatable with antibiotics but I am not sure. I used to have good luck with Maracyn II but there may be new treatments out there.

I did a water change on Sunday, and tested the water today. My ammonia is at zero. My nitrates was high though. The part where the deeper hole is (the dark dot) seems to be closing up. Not sure what is going on......

Ok updated pics from today. There seems to be a white cluster forming behind the eye. Any clues on this?

At this point I'm guessing - 

It could be columnaris bacterial infection, or possibly costia infection. Here's a chart of fish diseases:

Showed the pics to the guy at the LFS he said it looks like a fungus. He told me to treat ti with Pimafix. The white cotton-like piece fell off.I was also reading about Hole in the head disease in the link you sent me. It said something about the relationship between that and activated carbon.I am using an Aqueon 70 gallon filter, and an Aquaclear 70. This is the first time using the Aquaclear, are these considered good filters?

We used them a lot. As I recall, the one thing I had to watch for was build up of old fish food in the sponge - that can cause algae growth. Just keep that pretty clean of debris, without killing the bio-filter piece.