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My Blood Parrots had babies, Fry


First tried using plastic breeding box holes in bottom allowed them to escape.  I then setup small 1 gallon aquarium.  In the meantime 2 weeks later they just had more n see them at night clinging to sides of tank at night so I take out and add to my current stock I found from first batch.  I have tons of questions?  I have been feeding shrimp brine? I also read could use egg yolk with water?  Would I be better off getting a breeding net?  Do you think should leave fry in tank with the parents or would a breeding net still make them happy?  I will get picture from my phone  to add to this so you can see these are truly parrot fish.  Please help I am new to all this and been researching non stop and not sure what to do?  


Thank you 


Jackie Johnson



Wow, so few Parrot Cichlids reproduce on their own, I really don't know much about this. However I have seen a very large tank where there were many cichlids of all sizes - even extremely large ones. Two red devils in the tank had babies, and were hiding them in a hollow log and protecting it from the other fish.  After a few days, the lady who owned the tank fished the fry out of the big tank and put them into a tank by themselves. The parents didn't fight it at all for some reason. I believe she was feeding them brine shrimp.