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very shy fish

I have two red blood parrot fish who have remained most shy after 3 weeks. I took the time to set the tank up and have been back and forth to the pet store for advice. They keep telling me it will take time... I have a piece of drift wood with a live plant on one side and a clay pot on the other side along with a taller live plant. The first day they swam around but quickly settled into one hiding behind the driftwood and the other in the clay pot.



Yes it takes time. If you have a big enough tank you may consider getting some dither fish. I have 5 smaller fish in my tank which helps the bps come out a lot more from their hiding spots. You also should be close to the tank more so the bps get used to you. My bps used to be a lot shy too. They will get excited when i come to the tank because they recognize i might feed them.

I have taken to sitting by the tank to read and one will stick her face out a little from the clay pot but never completely.  When I set up my tank I told the store what kind of fish I wanted to get and so picked a 10 gallon one to see how both the fish and I did.  They said I should be good for a year with this size.  I have put live plants/driftwood/claypot in the tank to hopefully give them hiding places.  Just hope they come out sooner than later.  My aunt has one and is over 8 inches long; he has a great personality which is why I feel in love with this fish.. remaining hopeful


I'm sure a lot folks will agree with me. When i started with 29 gallon i thought that was small. And now I have a 50 gallon just about the minimum for the bps. You will have a tough time controling the water parameters. Also with 10 gallons there isnt enough space for decorations or clay pot. I suggest you get a bigger tank asap. You will also need a decent filter or 2. Try craigslist if money is an issue.

Thank you for the suggestion; after further discussions with pet store they have agreed to let me switch out the 10 gallon for a 29 gallon.  Do you know which type of clay pots are best....dishwasher safe or just regular clay pots?

You can get terra cotta pots from lowes or home depot for cheap

Thank you!  I purchased 2 from home depot and funny thing is they checked them both out and decided to stay together in one of them.  Two days later they laid in eggs in this clay pot.