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blood parrots with yellow Africa cichlids?

I have a 55 gallon with around 15 yellow African cichlids in it. I also have a 35 gallon with a blood parrot in it with a couple silver dollars. I'm wondering if anyone feels that the blood patter will be ok to add in with the afticans? I have heard many different reasons it will and will not be ok. Does anyone have experience with doing this? the reason I have been thinking about it is I hate the 35 gallon tank. It's a corner tank and with the angles is a pain to place. And u have had nothing buy trouble with filtering the tank. It always looks crappy . I have been through many filters With no luck.

Any inside would be appreciated.




I personally wouldnt mix the blood parrots with the African cichlids. They do not share the same water parameters. African cichlids require a much higher ph and are aggressive fish. The ones you are describing i believe are the yellow lab mbunas. How about selling your 35 gallon tank or give it away? Then buy another tank you like for the blood parrots. Try craigslist. If money isnt an issue i suggest eheim or fluval canister filters. Both are very good brand filters. Doing frequent water changes will also help getting clean clear water. I have a long 50 gallon tank running with 2 Aquaclear 70 gal power filters and an Eheim Canister filter pro 3 65gal. I do about 70% water change every 3-4 days. My water is crystal clear 0 amonia, nitrite, and very low nitrate with 2 blood parrots, 2 rainbow cichlids, 2 boesemani rainbiws, and 1 tiger barb.

my blood parrot challenged all the african cichlids larger than him and they all somehow got stressed out then died then i decided to have convicts and an oscar disaster struck twice and the tank started to leak and the pink convict killed the other fish traped in a 20 gallon  tank except for the catfish ive had forever now i got a pink convict blood parrot and catfish normally found with african cichlids so in my case no