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New fish


I am new to this. We have just completed setting up our tropical tank and have 2 red parrot fish. The first day they were inseperable and swam around the tank together. since second day one has been hiding under a fake log and anytime the other goes near the one under the log nudges it out the way or tries to nip at it. 

Any advice as to whether this is normal behaviour and why they might be doing this?

many thanks





I hope you have a big enough tank for them and stuff like clay pots for them to hide in. The one under the log may have taken that space as his/her territory and defending that space from other fish. With that being said fish personality can change from day to day. My 2 bps sometimes will fight, but a majority of the time they get along fine.

We have a 65-70 gallon tank 

That should be a good size tank for 2 fish. Its still early so wait and see how they will get along in the long run. If these are the only fish in the tank you may want to get some smaller fish to distract them from fighting. I have 2 rainbow cichlids, 2 boesemani rainbow fish, and 1 tiger barb with my 2 bps. I used to have 10 tiger barbs but they died. And the 1 tiget barb seems to get along .

Yeah we have some smaller one we have 2 young Angels, 2 barbs, 1 clown loach and 2 that I can't remember! Thanks will see how they go.