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Only had BP 5 days and alot of aggression

I am new to this. Only had them 5 days. But one of my BP is really a bully. One is 3in and the other 2in. The bigger one constantly rams / chases/ Bites the smaller one. He always chases him to the top corner of the tank near my filter. It happens all day , no rest for the lil one. Does this go away with time? I was thinking of I might have to return the aggressive one for another BP. But does this happen with all BP? I feel sorry for the lil one and dont want him to get hurt.


I got 2 caves it seemed to have helped a little I am sure a lil aggression is going to happened just to showing dominance. I got a big cave and small one for the lil guy. But it is funny that the bigger fish likes the lil cave better. He chases the lil one away from it. You would think he would want the bigger one. The lil fish likes to hide behind the big cave.