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Losing Color

I have a female parrot cichlid that I have had for going on 5 years now. She has always been pretty healthy-eating normally and hardly ever losing her bright orange color. Just recently I have noticed that she is not eating like she would, with the majority of her food remaining untouched. She is also beginning to lose her vivid color. Other than that her behavior is normal. I am worried that she might be getting sick and want to get her better before any damage is done. She is kept in a 40 gal. tank with another small parrot cichlid that I keep around 80-82 degrees with water changes taking place every 7-10 days. If it is of any importance, my other fish is a bit pale in color, as well, but was never a bright color to begin with. I also treated the tank for ich about a month or two ago after noticing some spots on my larger fish. The ich is no longer present. If any more info is needed do not heasitate to ask-I just want to get my fish better! Any advice is greatly appreciated!


Another piece of info....My female also laid eggs last week. Could that have anything to do with her behavior?

Hi, color change can happen for a lot of reasons, hormonal, sickness, psychological, anger, etc, but I've noticed that sometimes color change does happen after they lay eggs. Once I had a female parrot - Winston - that laid eggs for the third or fourth time, then seemed to get depressed. She stayed in her "house" for two weeks straight and turned almost white. All the other fish were fine. We decided to experiment and bought a small parrot cichlid, hoping she would think one of the eggs hatched. It appeared to work - within a very short time she was out and about swimming with "Baby", and had turned bright orange again. In the picture below, you can see Winston and Baby swimming together.