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Colour loss

Yesterday, I came back from a 2 day trip. When I came back, all 3 of my KK parrots were hiding in the corner. In the begining they would hide and not eat. But 10 min later they started to eat. Also, I noticed that one of the smaller KK parrot fish was losing its orangish colour. I thought it was sick but then I looked at the bigger one and he was not that orangish. Then, today, I saw that the fish is more orange. Is it natural, or are they sick. Also, they are always scared of the bubbles and my dad left the bubbles on so did they get traumatized from the bubbles  or was it somthing from growth. This isn't that regent but I just want to ask. Thanks for the help. I really apreciate!!


Sometimes that can cause this I've noticed.

Yeah I left it off. So should I leave it on next time?


I think a simple timer for the lights is inexpensive and will solve this problem. Yes, keep their day/night cycle consistent.

That's preety cool. I have never heard of it before. But are the expensive??? And are they mandatory?????? Will the colour loss affect how the fish act?? Or is it just the colour that is affected.

Timers can cost just a few dollars. They usually cost more at pet stores. I suggest getting them elsewhere such as dollar stores, etc. Color loss can affect fish behavior, and fish are like people. My 2 fish get real bright color when the lights are off. They dont like to be out when the lights are on. Then again, each fish have their own personality.

for a zillion reasons. Seems the more your worry about them, the more stressed they get. Nature is full of changes and uncontrolled events. Our pets can get wierded out because we provide too predictable an enviroment. Lights on or off doesn't hurt them, irregular feeding doesn't hurt them, bubbles don't hurt them. I've done all of the above and mine spawn like clockwork. They sometimes have shy moments, but when it comes to food or sex they don't care. Stop worrying, these guys have the greatest personalities and cope with whatever happens.