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odd behavior for my Parrot Fish

My fish Effie used to always greet me at her tank, follow my finger, and never hide. I recently changed her water completely becuase i havent in about 2 months (i do partial water changes also), i changed the decorations and put her in. She now hides under the filter in a slanted position and hides all the time! she eats well but barely ever comes out. She comes out but only for certain periods of time. She is 3 inches long and in a ten gallon tank


Mine were always out and about, never hiding, had been through several water changes. But one day I dropped an algae magnet in the tank and had to use the net to get it out and the male freaked. Ever since then the male is easily startled and the female hides if I do something they aren't prepared for or move quickly in front of the tank. Otherwise they act normally, swimming, spawning and eating.

A complete water change is really drastic, obviously it didn't kill her but I'd be afraid to do it again. I'm guessing the decoration change is what has her bothered. The filter is the familair thing and she feels safe there. Can you do the decor like it used to be?

One other thing I discovered, they hide more the better they are fed. Skip a day and they get braver 'cause they're hungry!