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Newest Fry

I have 2 BP's in my tank (Dudley and Deloris) and although Bp's are generally sterile I have successfully had fry 3 times. D&D are very bonded. I had Dudley first and he wasn't doing well, he was my first ever fish and I was inexperienced. In fear he might die I was asking the pet shop advice and they had another beautiful BP that I picked up as a replacement. The moment I put her in the tank he was a whole different fish. He became bright orange and literally swam circles around her (wish I had video of this). They have lived together in a cave for about a year now.

The first fry they produced was a few months after they bonded. The fry died after a few weeks (I believe because i separated them from the parents) I was still very new and didn't know what to do. Then there were no new fry for 6 months.

Now they are having babies again. I have one fry left from the second batch (again I separated them and they quickly died off, so I put the last one back and surprisingly D&D didn't eat it). This one is doing well and he is probably 1 month old. He is being fed Small Fry liquid food.

My newest batch are about a week old. They don't yet show up in pictures but I have a video if there's a way to upload it. I will not separate them so hopefully many more survive this time.

I have pics and videos of these guys but i can't figure out how to upload them.


Unfortunately, it does seem your image did not upload. So tell you what. For videos: Put your video on youtube or Flickr and put the  link in your post, and  I'll ensure it plays correctly here. For photos, can you upload from your phone to Flickr or Dropbox? Both have a pretty sizable free account option.  

If you include the links to the images and videos in your posts I'll make sure they show up correctly for you.

Also, please let me know what type of phone and if it is running Android or what, so I can troubleshoot better.


mine spawn every two weeks since I got them but never any eggs that hatch!

ok i will learn how to put a video on youtube. I am on an andriod phone and tablet, both samsung and neither would load.

Update. D &D ate the largest fry because the new babies started swimming around. These guys are doing really well and there are about 10-15, so this is my biggest sucessful batch yet.

I'll keep working on the upload problem.