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White Blood Parrot

Hello all, I've been keeping blood parrots for over a year now and I'm not too sure about one my large white female, is there another name for them when being white like this? I'll include a snap shot and a link to my youtube video's on all my tanks. Thanks

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Maybe it is a rare albino version, or a mix from another breed? Did you get this one at the same time with your other orange blood parrots from the same source?

They color die the baby parrots and as they grow they loose the color die and fade back to orange/red. I got them all from defferent places. I believe she is a deferent cross or like your guess is albino. 

My first BP I bought, at Petdumb, when it was tiny. It was white and the store told me it would turn orange eventually. So not true. The more I researched people suggested it was a JellyBean, still a parrot fish but not a blood parrot. Looks identical to the one in the video.

Great looking fish!