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bully bp.

I have 5 parrot fish with different colors. yellow, white, green, blue,and purple. i think the yellow and white are teaming up. and the yelow one bullies the other 3 fishes. is this normal? what do you think guys. pls educate me.


green blue and purple aren't natural colors for ablood parrot and theyare dyed and put through a horrible process which could lead to disease easliy chances are the white and yellow one could be dyed too

oh i didint know that. but i can see that the color is worning out. like the green one. it is becoming white. ive seen a picture of a parrot fish in the internet with the same color as this. problem is i dont know how to upload it here.

ok i now know how to upload... this is what im talking about.


Normal I used to have two that fought all the time for.years

u mean this fish have only short lifespan?

I accidentally bought a dyed fish - he only lived a few months, even though no other fish had any disease in the tank.

could be pair bonding. Once 2 fish decide they like each other, one or both of them doesn't want the others anywhere near them. I'd put the 2 that are hanging out together in a seperate tank. Also be sure every fish is getting a fair share of food. Usually the dominant ones get way more which further weaken the others. I drop food right in front of the one I want to eat. You will probably have to feed the 'bold' one at a certain spot in the tank then immediately give food to the shyer ones at another spot. My female isn't nearly as greedy as my male BP but she learned almost immediately to wait in her spot while I distracted him at the other end. She even figured out she could go to a 'neutral corner' and I would feed her when he isn't looking!