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blood parrot massage

Found this on youtube and like to share it. My only concern is rubbing off the fish's slime coat.


In my experience the slime coat takes a bit more than that to rub off, so I *think* it's ok. The fish does appear to like it!

I wouldn't worry about rubbing off the slime coat. Owner seems to be very gentle and that fish loves the attention.

Without a doubt BP's are fabulous pets, extremely interactive. 

Thats cool. I think my KK parrots will like it too  but should i start now? they are still small. At what size should i start massaging my KK's?

as an animal trainer it's best to start as young as possible to develop a rapport with a pet. It would be great to talk to the owner of this BP to find out how he and this fish got into the massage. I've got to think it started by accident, probably when the owner was cleaning/working in the tank and the BP came over. Food is always a great 'training' tool. If your fish is eating out of your hand it shouldn't be too hard to get them to let you 'pet' them. The biggest thing is to go slow and let the fish leave and not have you go after it. They need to approach you and not think they are being chased or cornered. It all takes time.

Quote from youtube comments below.
Roland Giroux
1 month ago · Shared publicly

To be honest with you we started with three and they were all about an inch & a half big, tiny, after a couple of months went by they started to grow quickly,
Two of them were beating up on one, the one we still have now, it was really bad what the other two were doing to her, so I fixed the problem by taking the two bully's OUT! Problem solved...But there was a serious problem, she was so traumatized all she did was hide for a couple of months by her self, until one day I started feeding here frozen blood worms, That changed everything, she came out more and more started to be more social with us.
We were feeding her by hand and she loved that a lot.
And after a while it just became so normal, and we would start touching her and she really liked it. It was like she was starving for attention from us. She finally came out of her shell so to say.......We started to notice she was getting frustrated quite often and didn't know what that meant, we finally figured out that all she wanted was to be played with & massaged by us, If it was up to her she would have our hands in the tank 24 hours a day she never gets tired, but both of us do not have that kind of time to do that.
But we do play with her for at least 15 minutes a day, and that makes her very happy. She is now a whopping 7 inches long now from head to toe, I mean tail.
Hope this helps. This is an update to that blood parrot.