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One Parrot bullying the other

My two blood parrots have been living in harmony for almost 2 years.  About two months ago, I started noticing that the female fish was not growing at the same rate as the male fish and that she was having trouble eating.  I starting hand-feeding her but she could still not keep up with the amount of food the other was eating.  Two weeks ago, I notice her lip was white/swollen and it appeared to be a fungus growing on it.  I removed her promptly and she spent 8 days in a "hospital tank" getting medication.  I returned her to the main tank two days ago.  This is when the problems really started.  The male fish was not happy AT ALL about her return.  He chased her around the tank, in and out of hiding places, and finally bullied her into a corner where she has been "sitting" (with the tailfin pointed down) ever since.  I am really concerned.  She is already much smaller than he is and now she cannot even get a bit of food without him directing her back to the corner.  To be clear, he does not appear to be doing any physical damage to her, just nudging, ramming into her, and stressing her out.  Any advice on how to handle this situation?


I hope you have a big enough tank for them to have their space. To me, giving them a bigger tank would be a great solution if you can afford it. If money is a concen a lot of folks including me would suggest looking at craigslist. You may also get some smaller fish to distract the male parrot.

Thank you for the suggestions.  My tank is 55 gallons and they really seem to have a lot of space to spread out (they just like to huddle in the corner at the moment).  And my female blood parrot is looking sickly again so I am either going to have to remove her again or medicate the entire tank. :(