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one of my long time parrots died

I have a question, I had purchased a pair of parrots back in April, 2008, they havd been inseparable for the past 6 yrs. I think one was a female and one a male (not sure) becasue they would lay eggs periodically and stick them to rocks and fan them for several days. Well, this week I found one dead. I believe, based on the size and color (a deep tangerine orange) it was the male. the other one is smaller and more pineapple color.

My question ..... is it best to re-pair it  (no pun intended) immediately ? Or is it advisable to give it some time.

Thanks in advance for your replies.




I think u should re-pair them,but it will take some time for them to get comfortable.

Maybe try a baby parrot cichlid. They might get along better at first. Make sure there are some hiding places in the tank, too. 

I also have 2 blood parrots purchased at the same time 2 1/2 years ago. They seem to be inseparateble. I agree if you decide to get another blood parrot to make sure your tank is big enough. In my preference I would purchase a baby parrot and see it grow. But you want to check if the bigger fish is not too aggressive against the smaller one. Even if you decide on a similar size fish you still want to make sure there isnt extreme agression. How big is your tank?