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prime seachem water conditioner new label I have been using prime for over 2 years during my water changes and have not run in any problems so far. So I decided to save some money by ordering a 2L bottle from amazon received today. I noticed the container design is different. The front has english and spanish. The back has english, french, spanish, and portugese. Does anyone know if this is a prime knockoff? I got it for around $41with tax and free shipping. Attached are 2 pics.


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Just waiting for my login activation to approved to post on their forum om this topic. I just found out that you can overdose with prime which will deplete oxygen from your aquarium. Up to 5 times the suggested amount is safe. The most I do is about twice the siggested amount. For those who use prime here who were not aware about overdosing with prime I hope this may save your fish.

I would probably assume they just changed the container a little. That being said, some of the reviews on that link to Amazon sound phony.

Let us know what you find out on the forum. 


Its almost 2 years and I still have about half bottle left using it on my 50 gal tank.