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Funny behavior

Hi everyone, I'm new here.  I've been the owner of a brand new parrot cichlid for over a week now and all I can say is that this fish is amazing.  The range of behavior is quite impressive.  I was curious about one behavior in particular and I wanted to have your opinion on the matter.  I have a clavadora (aka moss ball) and she would often start brushing herself around it, shaking scrubing.   The funny part is the way she does it.  She start from the top, then makes a loop around it while going belly up.  She could do this repeatedly for 5 minutes without tiring herself.  Here's a video.  I'd like to hear what you guys think about this.

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Search for "flicking":

Is this what you are seeing?

Thanks for the reply, I guess it could be describe as flicking.  I never tought it could mean something was wrong tough.  The behavior looks so playful.  She seems pretty  healthy, just a little nervous at times when someone moves too fast near the tank. She developped black spots on the mouth last week when i took her home but they dissappeared over time.   I'll keep both eyes open to see if anything changes.  

Thanks again!  

Sorry, I didnt put a title to my reply, now it looks as if I had written  "thanks for the reply, I guess"... That will teach me to leave the title field empty....  :))

One of my bp love to go up and down on the air bubbles from my pump aeration. I dont recall seeing her go upside down but each fish have their own personality. When I got her 2 1/2 years ago along with a slightly smaller bp, the first few days in my tank she went crazy going up and down on those air bubbles. That was a 29 gallon tank. They both are now in a 50 gallon tank with my tiger barbs and nerite snails, but she seldom do this anymore. My smaller bp rarely do this at all, and I get excited when she does knowing they are having fun.

My bp also goes up and down for long lenght of time, as if playing.  I tried bubbles last week but she  didn't seem to care much about them.  She does seem to be aware of me watching tv close to the tank though.  Sometimes, I turn around and she's just there, staring at me.  (Or so I like to think) She's quite funny.  :)