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white spot mouth fungus

I recently noticed one of my bp has a white spot under her lower inside lip. I did an online search which matches something of a mouth fungus. My water conditions are fine: 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 15 nitrate, 84 degrees My 2 bps share a 50 gallon tank with 10 tiger barbs and 2 nerite snails. This is the first time any bacterial infections have happened. I just did a 50% water change today and added aquarium salt. My bp seems to be normal and still eats. Hopefully in a few days the mouth fungus will go away. Has anyone had any mouth fungus with your bp?



When they get injured it shows through as white - not pink like humans. Hard to tell from the description, but if the problem is right around the mouth they might have been fighting and lip-locking (their way of wrestling, I think).

I believe it is possible this was resulted from lip locking or from trying to bite another fish. The white spot had vanished and it's only showing red now. I think it's healing. I will keep doing a 30% water change every other day and keep adding aquarium salt.

My bp has completely healed. I plan to do more frequent large water change (50% or more every 3 days) as part of my maintaince rountine to make sure water quality maintains at its best.