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Parrot Color?

Hi! Got a question about my parrot's color. Sometimes, she's bright bright tangerine orange....but most of the time, she's very washed out and pale. Is there anything I can do to get that healthy orange glow to stick around? My smaller parrot is bright all the time, just a gorgeous dark the larger one sick?


They're in a 75 gallon with plenty of filtration, I keep it clean....I see pictures of pale parrots all the time, I just want to make sure everything is on the up and up since she can be really bright orange sometimes.

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I have a theory that their color is related partly to hormones and partly to mood. Have you ever seen a convict cichlid get really angry? They can change color in a second - from striped to white. I think the paleness might be related to her place in the pecking order in the tank, or just how she feels about things at the moment. 

I have 2 blood parrot with one slightly smaller than the other. The bigger one is less agressive and stays a lot bright orange. The smaller one is more aggressive and picks on the bigger one more than the bigger one picking on her. Seems like the smaller one is more emotional and sensitive to things. She had tried to bite me during water changes. The bigger bp is much calmer and have never tried to bite me. Before they both were in a 29 gallon tank without much hiding places and were much paler. They are now in a 50 gallon and dont get pale that often with 2 flower pots for hiding. I keep the tank at 84 degrees which also helps them with their bright colors. Giving them a high a quality balance food and maintaining good water conditions also helps.

My Winston used to try to bite the tube I used to vacuum the gravel during water changes. I think water changes are a real invasion of territory for them.

Agree about water changes. My bps now just stay in their flower pots when I do water changes in a 50 gallon tank. When they were in a prior 29 gallon tank that is when the smaller aggressive one would bite me. Her color tends to be a mix of pale red and orange. Kinda looks like red cheeks from being out in the cold. My bigger bp is mostly bright orange and dont recall her ever bitten me. She is the calm one. Most of the time it is the smaller one that picks on the big one.

the parrot changes their colour due to the stress