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Hello from MA

Hi, I've been reading here a while, just decided to join today. I wish it was a bit more active, but a lot of good info here. Someday I will figure out how to post a pic of my 3 parrots.......frown

P.S. Looks like I found it below! LOLOL

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post on how to upload images. When I hit the button shown, it only brings up "library" with a few generic options, but no image upload. Please help! Thanks!

I'll check into it and get back to you.

The permissions were wrong - please try it once more. I fixed the one picture you uploaded already. Thanks for your patience, this is a work in progress!

Looks like they have a lovely tank. Like the color differences too.

Thank you for the welcome. I've been a bit upset yesterday/today. The parrot to the left got brutally beat up yesterday. By one or both the other parrots, not sure. I was only gone a few hours, I looked and couldn't believe my eyes. I instantly transferred him to another tank. He is so bad off that twice I thought he had died. Today he seems better, staying upright, just trying to tread in the corner, but alive. His tail fin is mostly gone, anal fin and right fin are damaged. His body was also damaged on the right side from anal fin to dorsal fin. In all my years of fish, I've never seen such abuse. And I have another tank with some mean cichlids! Does anyone have any advice, or prognosis? He's a good size, so Im not worried about him not eating. Think he will recover? Thanks.

First, it's hard to know how he will fare, if he was attacked - they usually lip lock or chew fins or something like that. It may take a few weeks to heal.

If he's getting attacked, sometimes you can stop that by giving them enough places to hide and enough vegetation or whatever to block the line of sight. But we usually just removed the victim and brought him back to the store if we didn't have a tank to transfer him to permanently.

Well he's holding his own so far, in a tank where no one bothers him during recovery. I have 5 tanks now, so thats not an issue. Their tank is a 55 with two huge logs with 8 cubby holes and probably 100 pounds of rock/cubbies. I'm thinking it started when I brought home the little yellow guy (or girl!). The two bloods were all pals until that day. So I'm thinking the oldest, and the youngest paired, leaving this guy out now. I should have forseen this, seeing how they hung together like glue. Strange though, the two bloods were together near a year and all three were together a good 5 months. It's just one of those things I've never seen till now. Nippers, sure. Chasers, of course. But this was close to Hannibal style!

Looking at my picture above, I see it clearly. The two "new" pals on the right and all the fins flaired!