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Community TankMates

My 2 BP's seem very sweet natured and have turned out to be a pair as already have 1st spawning. I had no idea what would or wouldn't work with BP's so just went with what I like. Initially a male Betta, a female Betta, 5 Fire Dwarf gouramis and a few days later 4 small Blue Gouramis. First the female Betta got nailed, then the male Betta. I didn't see what happened but I suspect, as Bettas move slowly and have no fear, that they simply were mistaken for food as I heard the same sound as when I feed the BP's. They go after their 'stick' food like a shark and make a heck of a noise when they 'suck' it in. I've seen no sign of the BP's bullying anybody. The Fire Dwarf gouramis reach out and 'feel' the BP's and get right in there at feeding time without a problem. Same with the Blue gouramis. So gouramis seem to be good tank mates. I want to add some Cory cats and maybe a school of Rasboras. I've used the old rule of an inch of fish to gallon of water for stocking limits.

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